1 skein worsted weight yarn
1 size 8 circular needles
1 set size 8 double point needles
1 stitch marker.

Cast on 80 (Medium) 88 (Large) stiches, join, and place marker.

Ribbing: *K2,P2* repeat to end. Repeat for 6 rounds.

Body: Rounds 1 thru 5, Knit
         Round 6 *K1, P3* repeat to end
         Repeat these 6 rounds until cap measures 6 1/2" from beginning,
         then decrease as follows:

Decrease: Round 1 *K6, K2tog* repeat to end
                Round 2 & All Even Rounds Knit
                Round 3 *K5, K2tog* repeat to end
                Continue decreasing in this manner to last round *K2tog*

Thread remaining stitches with tapestry needle, secure tightly, weave in all ends.
tog - together

Designed by Jenny Carp 5/03 For Knitting Pals By The Bay Chemo Cap Program.

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