Knitting Pals by the Bay
Over 67,056 caps donated since July, 2002!

We distributed 2,200 caps and 70 scarves this past year. Our clients have increased and several places we serve are requesting we send caps more often. Even with the recent postage increase we will continue to help and serve as we enter our 19th year.

Stanford has requested we send caps monthly because they have expanded their program to serve patients in the hospital ward in addition to serving their daily clinic. We are also serving Zuckerberg S. F. General, breast cancer clinic on a monthly basis. It's unfortunate they have seen an increase in patients; hopefully someday our service will not be necessary.

We are pleased to advise we have selected Anna Wong Kent as our V.I.P. (Very Important Pal) award for 2019. Anna has been knitting and supporting us since July 2005. She makes wonderful one of a kind caps for our clients; she has the talent to see a cap, take a picture and then create the design. Recently Anna retired so she now enjoys spending more time with her grandchildren and finding time to knit for Pals. Congratulations Anna, thank you for all the years of support.

We have received many thank you notes this year from the hospitals/clinics we serve, the following is one that touch our hearts.

"I just received your generous box of caps and I wanted to say how absolutely grateful we are for them. Every box that comes we get so excited to look through and see all the pretty colors and different designs. Patients LOVE!!! them. Every time we put new ones out the patients ohh and aww at the colors and try each one on and ask how they look. To have something so special for them in this time is really remarkable! I just wanted to thank you and your knitting ladies for these special gifts." Casey Greene St. Joseph Healthcare, Lakeport Oncology.

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