Knitting Pals by the Bay


We distributed 2,300 caps and 100 scarves this past year. Our clients have increased and several places we serve are requesting we send caps more often. Even with the recent postage increase we will continue to help and serve as we enter our 18th year.

We added John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek. An active group of ladies residing at The Heritage in downtown Walnut Creek are knitting and hand deliver to the hospital. Connie Doty is directing the ladies; she was once a pal of the East Bay branch.

We also added, UCSF Cancer Center in San Francisco, a referral from our partner, ImagiKnit.

We have a new pal, Ethel Murphy who is knitting and hand delivers her caps to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Fremont.

We are pleased to advise we have selected
Rochelle Mullen as our V.I.P. (Very Important Pal) award for 2018. A few years ago our Millbrae contact was unable to handle the senior group of pals. Rochelle stepped in and went right to work running around picking up caps and delivering yarn for all the many pals. Even when she broke her arm she didnít slow down, she had her children serving as her personnel drivers so she could continue to take care of Pal business; plus she is always pleasant and offering herself to do more for our organization.

In November, a group of Pals participated in the Annual Senior Boutique in South San Francisco. They showed off their talents with many of their hand crafted items as you can see from the photos below.



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