Knitting Pals by the Bay
Comments received from patients and hospitals

I want to say THANK YOU for the last 2 boxes of hats! Iíve been meaning to reach out and send appreciation from our program and the patients! We now have a sticker on every hat tag that says: ďIf you would like to thank Knitting Pals by the Bay or the knitter who made this cap, please send your e-message to:" I want you to know that our patients eyes light-up when they see the hats and they are so grateful for the warmth especially on days like today!

Fern Orenstein M.Ed.
Manager, Avon Breast Care Program
San Francisco General Hospital

I know how much it means to patients to have that tangible evidence of someoneís tender caring and support. Thank you so much for all you and the Knitting Pals do to help patients through the journey of cancer. You can never be thanked enough.

I gave a beautiful pink cap to a patient who is going to hospice today. She was thrilled to have something soft and beautiful to keep her head warm on this chilly day. I am always moved by the meaning for our patients of the generosity and kindness from their fellow human beings.

Diane Cooper
John Muir Hospital
Walnut Creek, CA

Received the box of hats today. As always, they are gorgeous! Thank you for your loving gift to women who are always touched by your generosity. Please pass along our thanks to all the knitters. Happy holidays to all of you from all of us.

Thank you Knitting Pals for the cancer caps. I feel so blessed to know I have all these angels taking care of me through my chemotherapy treatments. I sleep in one cap (my head was recently shaved) and the other I wear every day. I receive many compliments on your lovely caps. Cancer is an unforgiving disease, it takes and takes. So glad to have you angels who give and give!

Iím in the middle of chemotherapy treatments and am using and enjoying your beautiful caps, they are so much more comfortable than wigs. Your kindness is much appreciated.

I started my chemotherapy for breast cancer this week. My nurse offered me the basket of donated knitted hats. My son who was with me picked out a soft denim blue with flecks in an interesting pattern. I am so grateful for this comfy hat as I had my head shaved this week to avoid the trauma of hair falling out all over the place and possible unwanted plumber visits. The hat is so comfy and makes me feel good! Thank you for all that you do to help those going through cancer treatment.

Last week I went to chemo and I was bummed when I realized I forgot my hat and was freezing but was thrilled to pick up a lovely yellow hat. The sunny little hat was soft, warm and comforted me during my treatment and now itís my favorite hat! Thank you for all the work you do, you sincerely made my day!

What a treasure, thank you for your thoughtfulness! Iíll wear it with pride and dignity. The workmanship and color choice extraordinary! Thank you soooo much.

I am with The Wig Source sponsored by John Muir Medical Center Auxiliary and we are located at the Womenís Center in Walnut Creek. Our clients very much appreciate the thoughtfulness of the Knitting Pals By the Bay for putting so much thought into the design with their comfort in mind. The soft yarns you use, the caps having no seams and also being stylish make them feel the warmth and caring concerns of your group at a time when their spirits are low. With the coming cold months I know your beautiful caps will be worn with much appreciation. Thank you for all you do!

We got the hats you sent a couple days ago for my 3 yr old daughter and they are just so lovely. They are the exact thing I had in mind when I put out the request. Please pass along my deep gratitude to your knitting pals.

Itís amazing what you and your volunteers have accomplished. You have helped so many people during the most critical time of their life by offering such much needed head cover-ups. I know everyone is grateful as I surely am. Thank you for the hats you gave me, I love them.

The effect of one good-hearted person is incalculable (Oscar Arias). What a difference you make. This card is so appropriate for what you do. The caps warm my head and my heart.

I am making good use of the lovely cap you have knitted so beautifully. I thank you for your support and thoughtfulness which I do appreciate so very much.

Thank you for thinking of me and so many others that are battling cancer. God Bless you.

I picked up a light blue knit cap from the Womenís Resource Center today. It is so soft and warm, making my hair loss from chemotherapy much more bearable. As I start my second cycle of treatment, I am touched by the love and care in creating this cap and encouraged by the support of all the Knitters by the Bay.

I am lucky to have an adorable cap knitted by you. Itís multi-colored and so cute, plus keeps my head warm and as Iím currently on a ď beauty lowĒ it makes me feel stylish. Iím going through breast cancer treatment. Thank you for your solidarity. This is so hard, sisters-in-the-suffering. The hands are the expression of the heart.

Iím still in treatment for my breast cancer and want to tell you how much I appreciate your organization and volunteers who make these wonderful caps. I had forgotten my cap one day and became freezing cold while waiting for treatmentÖthen I saw this basket of colorful caps. I picked one out and am so appreciative of your efforts to keep us patients warm, toasty and looking good! I wear my cap everyday and when I wash it, I really miss the warmth and softness it provides. You are terrific for making these caps and providing much more than a stylish cap.

Thank you for the two caps. They are both the softest and most comfortable caps I have. My head got very itchy when my hair fell out so these soft caps are especially welcome. The colors are becoming and workmanship (or should I say workwoman ship) is beautiful. At a time when I feel less than wonderful, these caps help me feel better. Again many thanks for all the work you do.

Thank all the members for their generous gift of knitted caps. Their time, motivation, talents, thoughtfulness and donating to us cancer patients is the most blessed gift anyone can give and receive. I am enjoying my caps, they were made available to me when I didnít think I needed them. However, I lost my hair twice during treatment and started to use them everyday, especially during the winter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! They are so beautiful, soft, comfortable and attractive too.

Just wanted to thank you for the last lovely box of hats! They seem to get more beautiful every year. Theyíll go fast, as itís been a cold winter and every hat is so stylish and colorful.

Melinda Shaw
Redwood Regional Medical Group
Lakeport, CA

Thank you for your continuing and generous donation of knit caps for our cancer survivors. Our patients are so grateful for your support (and we are too).

Diane Cameron & Staff
Womenís Resource Center
California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

Thank you so kindly for all the beautiful caps! The patients are thrilled with them & they are keeping heads warm all over S.F. Please accept my sincere thanks from our staff and hospital as well. Blessings to all of your angels.

Cheri Goudy
St. Maryís Hospital
San Francisco

Thank you to all your group for your kindness and for taking some of your valuable time creating those baby hats and booties for our Bundle Of Joy program. Many new moms will be delighted to have them for their babies.

San Mateo Health Foundation

A BIG THANK YOU for all that you do. Our ladies continue to appreciate the soft, stylish caps that you send to our group. Bless you all for the very appreciated service you provide.

Jackie Green, L.C.S.W.,
Facilitator of the Santa Clair Kaiser Breast Cancer Support Group

Thank you so much for the wonderful knitted caps. Our patients are always grateful whenever they receive one of these caps. Your members do wonderful work and it is always much appreciated.

Staff, Dept. Oncology
Kaiser Hospital
San Francisco, CA

As always, your hats are the best!!! We love the variety and soft textures. Our patients and we are very grateful!

Stanford Clinic
Palo Alto, CA

Our patients love these hats, thank you volunteers you are appreciate here at the Oncology Clinic.

David Grant Hospital
Travis A.F.B.

I want to say that our staff and our patients really appreciate the wonderful and thoughtful donations! You have a wonderful program!!!
Thank you!

Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Los Altos, CA

On behalf of our patients here at Radiation/Oncology dept. we sincerely thank you for your lovely, caring thoughts and beautiful caps for our patients.

California Pacific Medical
San Francisco, CA

You have helped make a difference in the lives of our patients and families by giving of your time! Only with the support of people such as you can we continue our tradition of caring.

Arkansas Childrenís Hospital
Little Rock, Arkansas

A great story from Alethea Bushaw, Manager, Tacoma, Washington sent to Inga Holmquist, MultiCare Health Systems, Tacoma, Washington.

Cancer touches everyone at one time or another. We participate at the Relay for Life every year at Mt. Tahoma. Our eldest survivor is 87 and has been cancer free since 1964 when she was told she had ovarian cancer and if she lived through the next year she will be ok. Boy has technology changed. And thank God.

What a wonderful story. Thank you for letting us know something of your group and the Relay for Life. I am new to the Foundations of MultiCare and was not familiar with Knitting Pals before this, but your words are so true, cancer touches everyone at some point. My father is a cancer survivor (11 yrs). His request was for my hand knit socks to keep his toes warm! Your beautiful hats are clearly made with love in every stitch Ė like my fatherís socks.

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